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If your roof has had recent damage due to a natural disaster or something else covered by your insurance, then we can help you get through the insurance process fast. Not only do we have the knowledge to guide you through, but our impressive qualifications and certifications make the approval processes a breeze.

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When you work with United Projects for Your Roofing Needs You Get:

  • Expert knowledge on the best roofing practices for various situations and industries

  • Roofing materials used to maximize energy efficiency

  • Materials that hold up better against hail and other sources of damage

  • A seamless roofing process and an easier time with insurance companies

  • A fast, efficient process so you can run your business or building at maximum capacity again

Hail Can Strike in Any Season

Hail can be a vicious enemy to roofs in New Mexico, but the insurance companies don’t have to be. When you work with United Projects in Albuquerque, we’ll help you through the process with our years of experience and the fact that we have some of the highest certifications in the industry.

Hail stones vary from pea-size to seven inches in diameter, have irregular shapes from a smooth oval to jagged dagger-like points, and can reach speeds of 160 mph. With the right hail storm combination: duration; volume; wind speed; stone hardness and shape, hail stones larger than 1” have the potential to significantly damage your roof, causing it to fail and leak.

Older roofs are more likely to sustain severe damage or fail during a hail storm because over time, ultraviolet light (UV) degrades the roofing membrane, causing it to become brittle and more likely to crack and leak. Most of our roofs are installed using UV resistant materials, thereby remaining flexible enough to bounce back after impact — decades after installation.

Hail Damage Can Be Difficult to Detect

The impact of hail hitting your roof can create small cracks in the underlying roofing membrane, yet only the slightest mark may be visible on the surface. Over the course of 3-18 months, these small cracks allow moisture in, which is then absorbed by the insulation. Once the insulation is saturated, interior leaks appear. By then, the hail storm is far from your mind as the possible cause of the leaks, and the costs of repairs can increase substantially.

Hail also damages a roof by denting and distorting the substrate underneath, making it stretch and become thinner. This can compromise the waterproof integrity of the roof and shorten its life expectancy.

Don’t Wait Until Your Roof Starts to Leak

Schedule an appointment today for one of our professional storm damage forensic specialists to conduct a courtesy roof inspection. Storm damaged roofs are like a cavity — the longer you wait the worse it gets. Delaying storm damage discovery to determine if an insurance claim is warranted complicates the claims process, thereby lowering the potential for a successful outcome. Get started on your hail damaged roof restoration today with United Projects in New Mexico.

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