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What are the local building codes? Is the building seeking LEED certification? Is the building in a blistering hot climate that would benefit from cool roof technology?

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If you’re performing a full roofing system installation, re-roofing, or restoring a roof, then these are questions that you’re going to have to answer. Certain industries or businesses have higher standards than others, but ours never waiver. If you’re seeking LEED certification or any other milestone of practicality or efficiency, then United Projects in Albuquerque can make that happen. If you’re just seeking a decent roof for your business, we’ll take it upon ourselves to make sure you’re getting a great one.

Whether your building is an office complex, hospital, hotel, industrial manufacturing facility, or anything else with a roof, our experts can help to reduce future roofing and energy costs through more efficient system design. We collaborate with building owners, architects, engineers, and any necessary experts for specs, details, and professional support in order to bring you a roof that is long lasting, energy efficient, and practical for your purposes.

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Restoration or Re-Roofing?

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Commercial roofs are designed and built to last, but nothing lasts forever and nothing is indestructible. If your roof is lacking in efficiency or just plain starting to come apart, you may be debating whether you need a full system installation or just a little restoration. If you do decide on restoration, then we have our silicone elastomeric coatings to form a powerful coating to prevent tears and abrasions as well as the capability to help add more modern solar, heating, and cooling systems to your outdated roof.

While the updates and restoration we’re capable of is extensive, severe weather conditions may damage a roof beyond repair, a lack of maintenance can lead to irreparable issues, or existing roofing materials may simply have aged beyond redemption. In this case, we may recommend a new roof installation or re-roofing. While they may just seem unsightly or minor when tiles are simply tearing and there’s a small leak here or there, over time a dilapidated roof could affect the structural integrity and safety of the building.

While we encourage restoration as a smart alternative to a re-roof, sometimes a re-roof is necessary. Should this be the only solution, we will offer a variety of foundational products resulting in superior durability and longevity.

Cool Roofs

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As reported by the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC), black surfaces in the sun can become up to 90° F hotter than the most reflective white surfaces. Heat increases stress to the entire roofing system, shortening the system life span. Hotter roofs increase internal building temperatures, requiring cooling systems to work harder. Trapped heat also causes a heat island effect in which surrounding temperatures in developed areas rise faster, become hotter, and remain hotter even after sundown. The result is increased energy demand, air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, heat-related illness, and more.

Cool Roof Restoration Systems deliver high solar reflectivity and thermal emittance, which significantly reduces roof temperatures. Lower roof temperatures have been proven to decrease internal building temperatures, resulting in recurring savings from reduced air conditioning needs.

As an added benefit, air conditioning equipment is less strained, which can extend the lifespan of that equipment too. The bottom line is that Cool Roof Restoration Systems can significantly increase energy efficiency, helping you, your business, organization, or government body to save money along the way.

Save Money by Extending the Life of Your Roof

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There are several ways that roof restoration creates both instant and long-term savings for building owners and property managers. They include savings from extending roof life, savings from tax advantages, savings from the reduction in utility and energy costs, and savings on materials and disposal costs.

Restoration Systems

  • Dramatically cool roofs

  • Reduce energy consumption

  • Lower heat transfer to your building

  • Extend the life of your roof

Making Roofs Last Longer

Roof restoration can increase the life to your roof 50 years or more when compared to a complete tear-off or roof replacement. You can continue to do restorations on sound roofs to further extend the life of the roof. Roof restoration provides a sustainable, easy-to-maintain roofing membrane without the time, cost, disruption, or safety concerns of tearing off an existing roof and replacing it.

Tax Advantages

Did you know that roof maintenance systems are fully tax-deductible as an operating expense?

One of the key advantages of a restoration system over a new roof system is in how it is classified by the IRS. Restoration is classified as maintenance, and in most cases, it can be expensed in the accounting period in which it is incurred. On the other hand, a new roof system is a capital asset that must be amortized over a 39-year life.

Reduce Monthly Cooling Costs

Radiant heat and powerful UV rays cause thermal shock and rapid deterioration of all roofing materials at the molecular level. This constant exposure results in accelerated aging, lost flexibility, fatigue, splits, cracks, and ultimately roof membrane failure. Heat build-up on a roof can also lead to increased building temperatures, building discomfort, unproductive employees, and increased energy consumption and costs.

Cool roof systems drastically reduce roof temperatures, thermal shock, and roof maintenance requirements. Additionally, they extend roof life, improve building comfort, and substantially reduce cooling costs. We refer to cool roof systems as an asset that can provide a return on your investment.

Save on Materials and Disposal Costs

Recent increases in roofing materials, insulation, labor and insurance, and disposal costs have led to all-time highs in the cost of roof replacement. In contrast, roof restoration is extremely cost-effective without sacrificing performance.

Our unique roof restoration process can significantly extend the life of your roof, and in many cases double or triple the remaining life of a roof membrane. This additional value provides improved life cycle costing and a sustainable roof membrane that is easy to maintain.

Start Your Roof Restoration or New System Installation

If your roof could benefit from a little TLC, you’re looking to install a modern roofing system, or if you need a completely new roof altogether for your commercial, industrial, or government building, then contact United Projects in Albuquerque today. We’ll get you the practical, long-lasting, and energy efficient roofing system you need.

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