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Commercial Roofing

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Commercial roofing is an industry that takes expertise and attention to detail, and United Projects is an Albuquerque company that delivers both. With years of experience in commercial roofing installation and restoration, the roofers at United Projects know the all the boxes to check in terms of getting you a roof that will last for the long term and save you money along the way.

We’ll outfit your roof with either the best in elastomeric silicon install to restore a damaged roof that’s worth being saved, or provide a new roof installation with the best materials to maximize energy-efficiency, use value, and match to fit the unique conditions of your business. Whether you’re a restaurant or a shopping complex, we can outfit you with a roof to fit your needs.


Get the Most Efficient Roof in all of New Mexico

What is Commercial Roofing?

For us, commercial roofing typically means roofing for buildings that have a store front. Restaurants, shopping centers, malls, and large office buildings are just a few examples of the commercial properties we serve. If you’re looking for something for a larger means of production, then please visit our industrial roofing page.

Considerations for Commercial Roofing

The purpose of a building often dictates the design of its roof. That’s why it’s important that you pick a roofing expert for your commercial roof installation, because otherwise, you could end up dealing with a damaged roof long before you expected. Different businesses create different atmospheres for their roof. Here are a few different types of businesses and a few of the many considerations we make in designing their roofs:


Restaurants — Restaurant roofs can be particularly volatile if not completed correctly. They present major exhaust and ventilation challenges, and often, their roof will deteriorate because of discharged exhaust, grease, and other chemicals. Furthermore, roofs that don’t allow for proper ventilation can be a fire and health hazard. We take all of this into consideration for the design and materials of your roof.


Shopping Centers — Shopping centers and malls are obviously a hub for many people and a variety of businesses. That’s why it’s critical to have a roofing system that works for all of them. When we design the roof installation or replacement for a shopping mall or center, we’ll be sure to include specifications to fit the different areas and functions of your mall as much as possible.


Office Buildings — A little less complicated, the main things we take into consideration with an office building’s roof is the amount of people it’s meant to accommodate and whether or not it has the proper HVAC and drainage applications. When designing your roof system, we take all of these factors into consideration and build the roof to be suited to them, whether it be a metal, tile, shingled, or flat roofing system.

Make Roofing Work for You in Albuquerque and all of New Mexico

As a business owner, you’re probably always looking for ways to cut cost or add a new revenue stream, and when it comes to your roof in New Mexico, there’s at least one glaringly obvious way to do that — the sun. That big ball of fire in the sky represents money in the pockets of large property owners who take advantage of it.

Aside from roof installations, and restorations, we also provide a variety of services to add energy-efficiency to your building. Aside from solar, which can save you money on energy and in some cases be sold back to the grid, we also provide Sage Glass and Aero Seal services to optimize your heating and cooling system. Both add easier temperature regulation inside your building and help reduce the monthly utility bills.

Commercial Roof Repairs

If you’re finding this page and your roof is simply in need of repairs, then let us know what the damage is and we’ll let you know what your roofing options are going forward. While we don’t provide spot roof repairs, we do offer silicone install to reinforce and seal your roof, or we can replace it with a full-roof system installation. If neither of these matches your needs, we’ll put you in contact with someone who does smaller repairs.

If you do have extensive damage and are seeking one of the services we provide, we’ll even help you through the insurance claims process! We have plenty of experience in dealing with insurance companies after major storms or hail damage, and we have all the certifications to make the approval of our services easy.

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If you need a new roof installation or restoration in Albuquerque, or any part of New Mexico, then contact United Projects.