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Government Roofing

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Replacing or installing a new roofing system for any structure involves plenty of rules and regulations. Having a roof installed on a government building can come with even more considerations. With United Projects, you check the first of those boxes by hiring a roofing service contractor that has all the needed qualifications and certifications. From there, we can take care of the rest of the checklist.

Roofs for government buildings may not be as complicated in terms of dealing with harsh conditions and environments, but they do present challenges in terms of red tape, getting approvals, etc. What United Projects in Albuquerque can offer is a timely roof installation with expert insight on how to best maximize the utility of your government roof and to reduce the taxpayer’s cost in the short and long term.


Get the Most Efficient Roof in New Mexico

What Constitutes Government Roofing?

Our government roofing services in Albuquerque and across New Mexico can provide high-quality installation and repair for municipal centers, community centers, township buildings, state and federal office complexes, and much more. Oftentimes the techniques used for large government roofing jobs can be similar to that of commercial jobs, but the extra considerations given to government work can change the process considerably. United Projects can help you stay within budget with a roof that is an asset to your building and all the taxpayers in your area.

What Works Best For Government Roofs?

It really depends on the purpose of the building, but whether you’re manufacturing for government purposes or you have a large office complex to roof, we have a roofing system that can stand up to any environmental factors, heating and cooling, or production needs that you might have.

In terms of maximizing the return on a perhaps limited budget, we will pick the best materials available to reach optimal temperature regulation, energy efficiency, longevity, and utility of your roof. Certain types of roofing, insulation, glass, and solar applications can all help save or even generate money for the investing government body.

Government Roof Repairs

If you’ve got a longstanding government building that’s in need of many repairs, then you should consider your options before undertaking spot repair after spot repair. If you don’t need a full roof replacement or installation, then maybe you should consider our install services. With silicone elastomeric install we can maximize the life of your current roof by giving it a seamless seal to help stop current damage as well as prevent it in the future.

Contact Us for Government Roof Installation

If you’re seeking a roofing installation or replacement contractor that is qualified to work on any government building, then United Projects wants to be your choice in New Mexico. With years of experience working on commercial, industrial, large residential, and government projects, we know what materials work best for each purpose and circumstance. Contact United Projects in Albuquerque today to get started towards the best investment for your community or nation when it comes to roofing, with one that will stand up to the test of time and pay for itself.