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Industrial Roofing

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If you’re building a factory, or even just updating one, then any roof installation is going to be a major operation that takes time and a large chunk of money. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that it’s done right the first time and with the materials that match your business and the product you make.

At United Projects in Albuquerque, we make it a point of pride to use the best materials and products in the industry and to make sure that every roof matches the unique needs of the business and modes of production that we provide roofing for. When you need an industrial construction project capped off with the best roofing in New Mexico, give us a call.


Get the Most Efficient Roof in New Mexico

What is Industrial Roofing?

When we talk about industrial roofing projects here at United Projects, what we specifically mean is factories and other industrial modes of mass production. If you’re manufacturing a large amount of products then there are bound to be a large number of hurdles to jump in order to ensure that you have the best roof on the market that fits your specific needs. The chemicals involved in production can magnify wear and tear to an improperly equipped roof very quickly.

Industrial roofing almost always includes flat roof designs, something we’re very familiar with, and it can use a variety of materials depending on your business needs. Some are better for deterring fires, some of them make temperature regulation a breeze, others are designed to withstand corrosive materials, and still others handle high moisture better. Whatever the environmental factors of your business, we’ll get you the materials that hold up best.


Materials That Work Best for Industrial Roofs

In picking your industrial roof, what works best for the long term viability of the roof is going to be determined by the environmental factors created by your business and those of the location. Whatever your industry might be, we can find a roof that meets all your needs and then some. The utility of your industrial roofing system over the long term is our number one priority. Here are some different types of roofing we typically use and their capabilities:


Spray Foam Roofing — Spray foam roofing, or Spray Polyurethane Foam, is a roofing material that is sprayed in to form an air- and water-tight seal on your roof. Polyurethane is a near-indestructible chemical used to make a long list of products. For your roof, it offers energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs because of its seamless installation and light-but-solid material. It offers no tear-off repair costs, eliminates potential water seepage, provides greater resistance to the elements, and protects against fire and water damage.


TPO Roofing — TPO Roofing is a fast-growing addition to many roofing systems that can help reduce your energy costs. The single-layer membrane again provides a seamless roofing installation, protection from the elements, and a permanent energy saving measure. However, with TPO Roofing, you have more leeway in your insulation choices, which may be necessary for the unique needs of your industry.


PVC Roofing — PVC (polyvinyl chloride), or vinyl membrane roofing, is another popular type of single-membrane roofing that is also usually white, and offers protection from the sun in some of the same ways as TPO roofing. PVC can be applied directly on top of an existing roof system, so you don’t have to waste money on multiple repairs or tearing off a roof.

Make Your Industrial Roof Installation Work for You

When you install a roof of any type, it is a long-term investment. For a large industrial operation, that’s even more true. If you’re going to invest thousands of dollars in your business’s roofing system, then why not make sure it’s the best? For expansive buildings, there are a number of energy-efficient materials and applications that we can provide to save you money and possibly earn back your investment.

Applications like AERO Seal, Sage Glass, and certain types of insulation can all help reduce your energy costs by high percentages, while incorporating solar could not only supply power directly to your business, but also provide excess power to go back to the New Mexico grid. The various tax revenues, reduced energy needs, and revenue streams created with solar tiles, panels, and shingles can help you more than recover the cost of installation in a relatively short time period — especially compared to unequipped roofs left to deteriorate.

Industrial Roof Repairs

If you have an industrial roofing system that isn’t in need of a full replacement or new system installation, but that could use work in multiple areas, then you should consider the use of our elastomeric silicone roof install services. While we don’t provide spot repairs, our GACO S20/42 install from Firestone can provide a seamless install for your entire roof that will stop any existing water seepage and prevent future tear-offs.

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Located in Albuquerque, United Projects provides industrial roofing services all over New Mexico. Our roof replacements and new system installations are some of the most efficient and longest-lasting designs in roofing. We take every aspect of your business, your location, and your short- and long-term needs into account when choosing the right materials and applications for your industrial roof. Contact us today to see all the amazing things United Projects and your roof can do for you.