Residential Roofing


Residential Roofing

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Residential roofing can be a huge investment when you have an entire apartment, housing complex, or subdivision to account for. However, it can also be a huge boon for current and future investors in your residencies. We can make sure that your roof offers maximum energy efficiency for you, comfort for your customers, and longevity against the elements. If you’re building a residential neighborhood or apartment complex in New Mexico, then let United Projects be the ones to make the most of your investment and give you a roofing system that works for you.

At United Projects in Albuquerque, we’re always seeking to give our clients the most cutting edge materials, designs, and applications in roofing. Your roofs can offer a lot in terms of return, or they could be just one more thing you have to maintain.


Get the Most Efficient Roof in New Mexico

What Constitutes Large Residential Roofing?

The residential roofing projects that we typically take on include apartment complexes and residential neighborhoods. We can offer full roof installations, roof install to extend the life of current roofs, and the latest applications in energy efficiency for your investment. You and your future tenants or residents will benefit from the extra measures we take to make sure that your building has easy temperature regulation and that it makes as much use of its space as possible.


Materials That Work Best In Residential Roofing

There are lots of options when it comes to materials for residential roofing, as they don’t have nearly as many variables in environment and chemical exposure as commercial or industrial roofing. However, there are still a wide range of materials and applications that can be implemented in the design of your roofing system in order to make the best of it. Some of what you’ll have to consider is how your roofing material of choice works with heating and cooling and solar energy. Here are some common residential roofing materials and their benefits:


Tiles Tiled roofs are a popular option for roofs in New Mexico that are aesthetically appealing, durable, and useful in keeping a home’s temperature regulated properly. Tiles, typically made of clay, concrete, or slate, can come in a variety of styles, and they hold up to wind, hail, high winds, and fire better than some lighter shingled options. Among other steps, using tiles could help you achieve the best possible LEED scores and maybe pay you back in taxes and other benefits.


Shingles — Well-installed shingles provide a watertight and wind resistant seal for your home’s roof. They’re a popular option that is less stylistic than most tile roofs, but well suited to many different heating and cooling applications. Also, solar panels can help maximize the durability and utility of the homes or apartment buildings that you’re roofing.


TPO Roofing — TPO Roofing is a fast-growing addition to many roofing systems that can help reduce your energy costs. The single-layer membrane again provides a seamless roofing installation, protection from the elements, and a permanent energy saving measure. However, with TPO Roofing, you have more leeway in your insulation choices, which may be necessary for the unique needs of your environment.

Make Your Roofing an Asset

If you’re building an apartment complex or a home, then you have every motivation to take your roof and make something of the space. After all, it is your long term investment. If you’re building homes, then solar applications will add instant value to your home that will more than be made up at closing. You’ll have made more profits, and the homeowners you sell to will have a roof that helps them with the utility bill.

When you work with United Projects in Albuquerque, we can provide a variety of applications to make sure that your HVAC system, your building’s heating regulation, and solar capabilities are optimized for the best long term results — in both durability and energy efficiency.

Get the Best Roofing System in  New Mexico

If you need to roof a large residential project, then let United Projects in Albuquerque outfit you with a roof best suited to hold up for the long term, cut down on heating and cooling costs, and capitalize on solar energy. Contact us today.