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Comprehensive Roof System Solutions

United Projects is New Mexico’s premier roof system installation company. We specialize in comprehensive full system installation for commercial, industrial, and government buildings, but also take on some large residential projects, such as apartment complexes. We also provide silicone elastomeric installation services for those roofs that are still in relatively good condition, but that could use some reinforcing.

All of our roofing systems are built with energy efficiency and long term efficiency, we design roofs that stand up to the unique needs of your business for the long term. We’ll make sure materials, ventilation, insulation, and other aspects of your roof can work in tandem with your business without decaying and causing health and safety concerns while maximizing heating and cooling capabilities, airflow, and use of solar panels or other energy efficiency tools to cut energy costs.

Protect and optimize your property with professionally installed, superior roof systems. When compared to standard roofs our roofs have five to ten times more: life, strength, energy efficiency, fire resistance, wind uplift resistance, and water tightness. Reductions in energy bills, insurance premiums, maintenance costs, taxes, and operational downtime are just a few of the many ownership benefits you will inherit with our roof system. Our S20/42 roof can increase the life of your roof by more than 50 years. Most of our roofs, including the S20/42 roof, provide immediate & long term ROI for the owner, oftentimes paying for the installation through savings in policy, energy, and maintenance reductions.

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Commercial Roofing Services

United Projects has successfully replaced numerous complex industrial and commercial roof systems, for over 20 years. We have in-depth comprehensive knowledge regarding all operational, install, and administrative facets of roof restoration. Trained and able to take all conditions into account, we can optimize your roof for efficiency and comfort. A roof could just be a roof, or it could be a United Projects roof, where your large investment can return itself in lowered energy costs and other monetary benefits.

Whether your structure is classified as commercial, industrial, government, or residential - our professional personnel and premium materials can help to reduce cost and improve performance through superior system design and installation processes. We collaborate with building owners, architects, engineers, specifiers, material specialists, and suppliers for professional support to go above and beyond from start to finish.

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Energy Reducer Services

Far before you reach solar applications, which we have plenty of, there are many considerations to make on how to design your roof to use the least amount of energy possible while providing easy temperature regulation and a roof that will be stable for the long term.

Adding reflective roof materials and insulation can dramatically stabilize interior environmental control and reduce energy consumption by 25%. Our materials have ratings up to SRI>88 (Solar Reflectivity Index) which has proven to lower roof temperatures by up to 90°F when compared to black roof surfaces like EPDM and tar. Extend the life of your HVAC systems with cooling roof systems that reflect heat to keep interior air more consistent.

Once we’ve taken care of the basics of the best possible roof for your building’s primary purpose, we can start focusing on things like solar panels and tiles to reduce your own energy use, and possibly to produce energy for others as well.

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Insurance Claims

Schedule an appointment today for one of our professional storm damage forensic specialists to conduct a courtesy roof inspection. Storm damaged roofs are like a cavity — the longer you wait, the worse it gets. Delaying storm damage discovery to determine if an insurance claim is warranted complicates the claims process, thereby lowering the potential for a successful outcome.

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A portion of our profits go to veteran, law enforcement, fire, and first responder causes.