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20 Plus Years of Commercial, Residential & Government Roofing Experience in Albuquerque & All of New Mexico

Most of our installed products meet these stringent standards: are all-natural; free of toxins; contain up to 37% recycled content — carrying these specific approvals, ratings, and warranties:

  • Solar Reflectivity Index SRI>88
  • Cool Roof Rating Council
  • United States Government Energy Star
  • National Science
  • Foundation NSF P151 for Safe Drinking Water Roof Catchment Systems
  • American Society for Testing and Materials ASTM E108 Class A and Test D471
  • Underwriters Laboratories UL 790 Class A
  • State Level Approvals: Title 24 Part 6 California Code of Regulations; Texas Department of Insurance; Florida Building Code Product Approval Board.
  • FM 4470 Class 1 Approval for severe hail resistance, fire resistance, wind uplift, and water tightness.
  • Transferable (50) year manufacturer & workmanship warranty from date of installation.
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Our world-class partners supply us with top-of-the-line materials, product & technical support, client financing, and so much more.

The Best Possible Products

At United Projects, we’re committed to providing roofing system installations and restoration services that stand up to your business's needs as well as the elements. That means using the best possible products. From our silicone installation services — that seal your roof from wind and rain damage — to our solar panels and shingles, the products we use last longer and work more efficiently than the alternatives, as will your roof.

Firestone's Gaco S20/42 Roofing Material

Our roofing team uses Firestone's GACO S20/42 on many of our commercial roofing projects. This roof install has a lot of benefits for roofs that we'd like to share with you. Below, we'll dive into the benefits of this roof install and how it can help your commercial roof. Contact us today to get started!
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Can Be applied to Almost Every Roofing Material

Firestone’s GACO S20/42 is a 100% silicone single-component, elastomeric install. When applied to your roof, a seamless membrane is created that locks out all of the elements. This roof install is frequently used to weatherproof roofs, or to renew an aging roof that still has some life left in it. It can seal leaks easily. This roof installation prevents costly roof replacements for your commercial or industrial building that may not yet be needed.

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Environmentally Friendly

Without having to tear off your roof, you have just saved a ton of landfill waste and space on roofing materials that may not be recyclable. In addition, you just reduced your carbon footprint on the environment because now you do not need to install a new roof whose materials are made from processes that use oil and gas, not to mention the fact that the roofing materials are procured from the environment as well. When you invest in Firestone’s GACO S20/42 roof install applied by United Projects on your Albuquerque commercial or industrial building, you are saving the earth in many ways.

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Highly Resistant to Mold, Mildew, and Staining

Firestone’s GACO S20/42 roof installation resists pooling water, which is what mold and mildew need to survive. They also need somewhat of a surface to grasp onto in order to thrive. In New Mexico’s warm climate, water on your roof should evaporate fairly quickly, and with no water sitting around for weeks, mold will have no choice but to look someplace else rather than your roof to survive. This roof install is also highly resistant to staining, so you won’t have to worry about a weathered, older look to your commercial or industrial roofing system.

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Saves You Money

Since Firestone’s GACO S20/42 roof install can be applied over your existing roof, you don’t have to tear off your roof to install it. This saves you a lot of money in labor costs and time. In addition, since you have now added between 20 and 30 years to the lifespan of your roof, you have saved the cost of a roof replacement as well.

One other way that you are saving money is by the reduced utility costs you will reap. This is due to the fact that Firestone’s GACO S20/42 roof intall has a highly-reflective, glossy finish that will reflect sunlight, keeping your building much cooler in the long New Mexico summer months. The silicone install is also seamless, meaning any and all drafts will be eliminated as well. It is also UV-resistant and won’t crack or degrade from the sunlight like some roofing materials inevitably do.

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Increases the Longevity of Your Roof

Depending on your roofing material, most roofs last decades and some can last a lifetime. That being said, there is a caveat — roofs can last decades with proper roof maintenance. While for the most part roofs like being left alone, they do require you to check on them every once in a while. United Projects in Albuquerque recommends annual roof inspections, especially if you’ve had a severe storm pass through, just to ensure there are no minor problems that could turn into major headaches down the road. Once a minor hole forms, it’s an open invitation to grow bigger, which you can be sure, this invitation will be accepted if not patched up.

By applying Firestone’s GACO S20/42 roof install, United Projects can renew your aging roof by sealing any minor leaks, and can extend the life of your new roof by adding another barrier to the elements. It’s like adding another layer when you go outside in the winter. You stay warmer by layering. Similarly, your roof will stay healthier by layering as well.

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