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20 Plus Years of Commercial, Residential & Government Roofing Experience in Albuquerque & All of New Mexico

Federally registered as a government general contractor, we are used to being held to the highest accountability, methodologies, and standards. We apply our practices to every project, for every client, and in the same way, we conduct our U.S. Government infrastructure projects.

Before project launch we make certain our roofers and other personnel have complete command and comprehension regarding specific building components, code regulation, and materials integration. Additionally, in-depth knowledge of the inherent and unique details that come with every roof and building are thoroughly reviewed and studied. We’ve upheld this practice for over 20 years.

To ensure the biggest return on your investment over time, roofing material durability, longevity, and use value are paramount. When we build your roof, you’ll get the highest quality and longest lasting materials, so that the money you save on roofing repair costs over the years will help you earn back what you spent on your roof installation. Not only will our materials last, but we keep up with modern-day techniques and capabilities to ergonomically install energy reducers within roof systems, interiors, exteriors, and HVAC apparatuses — new or existing — so that whatever your building’s function might be, you’ll have a system that takes energy efficiency into account while meeting the practical needs of your industry or business.

United Projects has reroofed, restored, or provided restoration consultation to over 2800 residential properties in New Mexico including: Federal, State, and Pueblo communities. Hospitals, churches, and commercial facilities. 



Our most recent restoration and reroof projects​

  • Santo Domingo Pueblo Mission Church
  • Santo Domingo Pueblo Governors Building
  • Santo Domingo Pueblo Veterans Center
  • Santo Domingo Pueblo Human Resources Building
  • Santo Domingo Pueblo Accounting Building
  • Santo Domingo Senior Center
  • 1 Moriarty farm home and land restoration project
  • 11 Ruidoso mountain homes
  • 23 contiguous multifamily buildings in Grants
  • 4 commercial buildings in Grants
  • 78 Albuquerque residential homes.
  • 17 commercial buildings in Albuquerque
  • 4 residential homes and 1 apartment complex in Los Alamos

Here are just a few of the more basic things we consider when performing a roofing installation or restoration for one of our commercial or government buildings:

Heating and Cooling Needs — It’s not obvious at first glance, but your roof has a major impact on the heating and cooling capabilities of your home. We take this into consideration when choosing your businesses’ roofing materials, but it’s not one-size-fits-all. Certain materials can’t coexist with certain industrial or commercial conditions, but we can tell you what will work best for a wide variety of conditions.

Will this roofing model hold up for the long term? Is the sun too harsh to use certain materials without them cracking in a few years? Does it provide for proper drainage or will it get water damaged? These are just a couple of the many things we consider in terms of long term viability.

Aside from heating and cooling applications such as cool roofing, are we making the most of the space? Could your roof be producing significant enough money from selling back to the grid? Could it be designed to work with an emergency power system? These are some of the first questions we ask ourselves, but depending on your business model and your roof, there could be many other possibilities as well.

Many hidden conditions exist when performing a roof installation; the coefficient of expansion relating to connected materials, and whether it occurs thermally or through humidity is one example. If it sounds complicated, that’s because it is. It’s something undetectable to the untrained eye. Our mastery of understanding a wide range of construction aspects, particularly relating to these often unseen variables, is just one of many reasons why you can count on us for the best, most professional roofing results to help ensure your project’s long-term success. Contact United Projects today for your roof installation in New Mexico!

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Restaurant roofs can be particularly volatile if not completed correctly. They present major exhaust and ventilation challenges, and often, their roof will deteriorate because of discharged exhaust, grease, and other chemicals. Furthermore, roofs that don’t allow for proper ventilation can be a fire and health hazard. We take all of this into consideration for the design and materials of your roof.

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Shopping Centers

Shopping centers and malls are obviously a hub for many people and a variety of businesses. That’s why it’s critical to have a roofing system that works for all of them. When we design the roof installation or replacement for a shopping mall or center, we’ll be sure to include specifications to fit the different areas and functions of your mall as much as possible.

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Office Buildings

A little less complicated, the main things we consider with an office building’s roof are the number of people it’s meant to accommodate and whether or not it has the proper HVAC and drainage applications. When designing your roof system, we consider all of these factors and build the roof to suit them, whether metal, tile, shingled, or flat roofing system.

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